The Recession Proof Employers

These days there are plenty of college students in a mass panic as they enroll for their freshman year. While many had hoped the United States would be well out of the recession by now, there is a clear picture that the country may not get out for some time down the road. In this situation, there is an increased pressure on students to think about their career in terms of what will be recession proof upon graduation. While no student can see thirty years down the road, they have to see into the few years after they graduate.

One of the fields that continue to hold up well in times of crisis is the medical field. Finding not just job in the field, but a specialty continues to provide sound and steady employment. There are a number of jobs on the nursing side that can help. These fields require a degree but the upside to them is that they are allowed to pick from a variety of areas.

Beyond the medical field, there are a number of jobs in the online sector that continue to grow. As computers continue to be a bigger and bigger part of our lives there are a number of jobs that cater to the needs of the people without being affected by the recession. One of those is that of networking systems. These days computers all operate on the same cloud in businesses, so hooking them all together and outfitting them with the right software and specifications is big money. It may not be for everyone but it could be the right fit for some.

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